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Company Resume

Since 1971, Christopher Community has dedicated itself to meeting the housing needs of low- and moderate-income individuals and families, many of whom are elderly or have disabilities. Christopher Community has developed a variety of safe and affordable housing alternatives from single family to multi-unit buildings across upstate New York. We currently manage nearly 3,000 units in over 104 buildings. In addition, Christopher Community administers the county-wide Section 8 rental assistance program serving over 1145 households.

Christopher Community employs a professional staff skilled in all phases of development and management such as governmental reporting, building operations, construction, the provision of social services to residents, accounting, leasing and personnel. Christopher Community works actively and successfully with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Development Office, New York State Department of Social Services and the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal. Christopher Community has established successful working relationships with local governments and not-for- profits to develop new projects and provide services for existing residents.


Since the beginning, Christopher Community has coordinated or assisted in developing a multitude of facilities in upstate New York. We use a wide variety of funding sources including HUD 202, Rural Housing Development, low income housing tax credits, NYS funded projects and many local and private sources. Many of these facilities are currently being managed by Christopher Community.

Some of the development activities include:

  • Research potential site locations
  • Assess market demand
  • Identify potential funding sources
  • Work with design professionals as well as existing residents to create an attractive building that meets the needs of potential residents and the neighboring community
  • Secure project financing and commitments
  • Oversee the construction process
  • Coordinate the legal and financial aspects of the project

Housing Management

To manage our buildings in a way that best fits our mission and values, Christopher Community uses a resident-centered approach. Emphasis is placed on assuring that residentsí needs are met, financial records are accurate, and the properties are well maintained. Christopher Community provides housing for families, single persons and older adults. Christopher Community strives to offer a variety of services to our residents that benefit them both economically and socially.

Christopher Community has consistently received very high ratings both from government and private entities for our management.

Some of our property management activities include:

  • Developing an affirmative marketing plan which is used to generate interest by potential applicants.
  • Processing every potential applicant to ensure compliance with all housing regulations.
  • Maintaining each property including day-to-day activities and major capital improvements.
  • Staffing each facility with an on-site manager and a live-in superintendent.
  • Managing all bank accounts and finances for each property. Collecting all rents. Completing all required government and project reports.
  • Providing support and training to ensure that on-site staff is up to date on all government directives, policies and procedures.
  • Supporting residents in their efforts to develop onsite recreation and program activities. Working with residents and staff to provide human service needs such as access to health care, nutrition programs and transportation.

Rental Assistance

Since 1977, Christopher Community has administered the county-wide rental assistance Housing Choice Voucher program for Onondaga County (Section 8 "Existing Housing Program"). Over 1200 rent subsidies are dispersed to elderly, disabled and low income families located throughout Onondaga County. In addition to the need for rental assistance, many of these families are in need of social service programs. When necessary, these families are directed to the appropriate agency, or contact is made for them.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Riverview Apartments: This project is a partnership with Catholic Charities of Cortland and was funded through the NYSHCY low income tax credit program and funds through the Office of Mental Health. This project includes 39 units of affordable housing with 20 beds reserved for Office of Mental Health clients.
  • Joslyn Court III and IV: This project is a partnership with Atonement Housing Corporation and was funded through the NYSHCR low income housing tax credit program. The project includes 36 affordable rental units for individuals and families and was completed in 2014.
  • Tecumseh Road Senior Housing: Christopher Community was awarded $4.8 million from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to develop a 37-unit apartment building for low-income seniors in the Town of Dewitt, NY. The project was completed in 2013.
  • Property Refinancing: Christopher Community refinanced the HUD 202 mortgages on eighteeen of our senior housing facilities at lower interest rates in the past three years. The refinance provided equity money for improvements on the properties including, windows, roofs, and other major systems. The money that is saved on the interest each month is put into a debt service savings account and can be drawn from for resident programs and services as well as improvements to the facility that benefit the residents. The annual savings will continue for the duration of the loan. Christopher Community plans to refinance additional properties for this same benefit.

Executive Staff

Douglas Reicher President
Cindy Bird Vice-President, Property Management
David Filipski Vice-President, Finance
Robert Weismore Director, Rental Assistance Program
Kelly Besaw Vice-President, Development

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